English language, Cultural and Activity courses for teenagers from 9 – 17 years UK, 10 – 19 years USA.
Ardmore Language SchoolsArdmore Language SchoolsArdmore Language SchoolsArdmore Language Schools


Everyone was really nice and friendly, you were able to meet people from many different countries and the staff members were all great! - My favourite staff members were Ben and Hanna because they were always really funny and helpful and entertained everybody at the evening activities

Naomi Oei, 16, German - Brighton College

It seems like my second home. All of the teachers are friendly and kind. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Chang Yu-Shin, 15, Taiwan - Brunel

We had many trips to London and it was very exciting and because I met many new friends!

Liran Vernik, 13, Israel

The activities were beautiful and I enjoyed the lessons and met a lot of new people that have become my friends

Francesca Castaldello, 12, Italian - Shiplake

My holiday there was great! I have many lessons and many different games. We have different food and met many new friends

Ivanova Svetlana, 16, Russia

The camp was fantastic! I not only experienced the culture of England, but also met a lot of friends. The mix of nationalities is a characteristic of this camp. This is also an honorable chance for me to meet others and learn how to cooperate with them. To conclude, this is a gorgeous centre and surely it will be a great memory in my life

Chan Yat Chi, 15, Hong Kong - Jesus College, Oxford

The staff here are very friendly. The way the teacher teaches is brilliant. The sports are scary but interesting and the food is delicious !

Zhoa Yajun, 16, China - Liddington

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