English language, Cultural and Activity courses for teenagers from 9 – 17 years UK, 10 – 19 years USA.
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Teaching Overview

Our English language courses are designed to help students increase their confidence and ability when communicating in English. Lessons include the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and also help students build on their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

These courses focus heavily on communication. Our lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to use the language. Classroom activities include role-play, pair-work, group-work, group projects, surveys, questionnaires and games.

Our friendly, qualified and experienced teachers work very hard to provide interesting and fun language lessons and are always happy to help support our students.

Ardmore workbooks

The Ardmore workbooks have been designed specifically to improve our students’ language skills and  are used in the first 90 minute lesson each day of the course. We have six levels of classes and workbooks ranging from pre-beginner to proficiency:

Activate (pre-beginner/A0),

Aspire (beginner/A1),

Ascend (elementary/A2),

Accelerate (intermediate/B1),

Accomplish (upper-intermediate/B2),

Achieve (advanced/C1).

Each workbook comes with an accompanying Teacher’s Toolkit. In it you will find your teacher’s notes, audio files/CDs and all supplementary material needed for each unit/lesson. Any additional material which you require for the lessons will be provided and we would like you to use it.

Each workbook contains the same topics and all students in each of the six levels study the same topic each day. Topics have been designed to be interesting and relevant to our Young Learners and every day they study something new. Through studying the same topics, different levels and groups continue talking about what they have learned outside of the classroom and they can be linked to activities.

There are 8 units in each book – enough for the standard 2 week course with the Placement and Exit Tests - covering the following topics:

1. British/American Life

5. School and work

2. Money, numbers and shopping

6. Health

3. Food and diets

7. Weather and seasons

4. Hobbies and sports

8. Entertainment and fame

Excursion Lessons

There are excursion lesson templates in the back of student workbooks. Each excursion which the students go on from all centres will follow the same pre-excursion lesson format and includes a set of flashcards, brief information on each of the flashcards/places they are going to visit, a map and an outline of the route which they will take. Our aim is to make the excursions as exciting and interesting as possible for the students. They will take a task sheet with them which they will receive from you in class and complete in pairs. This will then be checked at the start of the following lesson.

Project work

There are two types of projects at Ardmore: weekly projects will take place from Tuesday to Thursday and the daily projects will be covered on Mondays and Fridays. Material will be provided on the following topics which can be adapted to suit your learners’ needs:

Weekly projects:

The newspaper

The Ardmore Acts

The website

The invention

The country


Mini projects:

Packed lunch

Leaflet on your country

Recipe book

Design a monster

Ardmore uniform


Sports day

Travel agents

Video/computer game

Comic book

Chocolate bar

Time capsule

Your own business

News programme

Survival guide

Design a school

As in previous years, project lessons take place during the second 90 minute lesson each day. The mini projects are designed to be done on a Monday and Friday when other students are having their Placement and Exit Tests.

How to contact us

If you are interested in working as an EFL Teacher at Ardmore, please go to Work for Ardmore page for more information about the job description and the application process.

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