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We are delighted to introduce the Ardmore Golf Academy at University of Bath.

The history of golf dates back to 1457 when King James II of Scotland banned the practice as he thought it distracted people from archery practice; nevertheless this date is the first historical mention and therefore considered the unofficial birth date of the game.

Golf is now enjoyed by both amateur and professional golfers worldwide and participants compete in thousands of tournaments all over the world every year, the most famous of which are the four major events or ‘Grand Slams’, the British Open, The Masters, the US Open and the PGA Championships.

Golf is a fantastic game of skill, hand eye coordination, tactics and the Ardmore Golf Academy helps students to perfect their swing, technique and overall game play with all lessons being coached in English. The Ardmore Golf Academy offers golf loving students the opportunity to have professional coaching in English.

Special emphasis is placed on techniques and skills. The students will have the opportunity to play on a 9 or 18 hole course at least once per week during the course. We have fantastic facilities at our specialist golf centres. University of Bath has driving ranges and fantastic golf courses nearby. We are able to cater for all abilities from complete beginners to players with golf handicaps.


UK Golf Academy 2017

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